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It wasn't until I started spending so much time with Dr. Drosselmeier that I noticed how Manly I actually am. This is not something I remembered about myself.

People tend to be tricked into thinking I'm an Absolute Femme by the way I look. Parts of me are very ladylike. It isn't until they start to know me better that they realize they've been duped into thinking I'm All Girl. Because I don't hide my subtle masculinity very well. I just act how I would normally act.

And there's something more about being manly than knowing my favorite Saturday morning includes Barclay's (preferably Swansea kicking someone's butt.. MC? MU? Oh, I know, CHELSEA.) then a trip to a bookstore that doesn't really need our business... then an out-of-the-way coffeehouse that I'm not really pretty or studious enough to be vising... and, later, hockey and pizza. No beer, though. I draw the manliness at beer. But a half of Guinness on tap, I wouldn't say no. Only once in a while. Like Bank Holidays, otherwise it's too much, too indulgent, and, let's face it: I don't exercise enough to warrant consuming masses of pizza and Guinness.


Taking a couple of days off from writing... Did not have a great day yesterday, and today I've not been concerned with much besides reading and a load of laundry. Some of yesterday's heaviness remains. I'll be better tomorrow.

But here's the 411 on The Pickled Pirate, in case anyone's reading this and wants to know...

The Pickled Pirate is now almost 30,000 words long. It's become its own entity. I'm going to scrap the whole idea I had earlier, of including four other pirate-themed stories with the release. Instead, I don't know what will become of The Pickled Pirate. I'll work on that.

For now, I have to finish it, and edit it. The fun thing about writing mysteries is gaining clues as you go on, then going back and remembering all the things you have to fix (continuity), or the bits you should add in so the whole ending isn't quite a stunner, or the ending won't make as much sense if you go back and reread the story a second (third, fourth) time. It's true what I read once, that essentially you're writing your mystery story backwards: crime, killer, clues -- these come first. Then you gel it together with word epoxy (in a well-ventilated room). And hope it works.

Mysteries take longer to write than rom-coms. You blink: your rom-com is done! Mysteries linger, like a garlic-heavy dinner.

As usual, when I approach the end of a story, my writing slows to a turtle's crawl. (That's okay: I like turtles.) So it takes me a little longer. Until I write epilogues. Then I can write 10K in one day, and not think much of all that work... Although I have the rest of the scenes scribbled down in a wee notebook I have next to the computer for such a purpose. That helps. There are seven or eight, not including all the Invisible Scenes that always creep up without warning...

I could just make a cup of tea, and go to work for a little while...

It occurs to me that I never mentioned The Hero and the Holly's epub-check failure: the re-do progress. Yeah, since I forgot to mention it, you can probably tell it's not big on my list of priorities. (Wait. Priorities? At this point, I nod and smile.) There are no pending "tickets" from retailers, so whatever is wrong with the file isn't something dreadful... I will get to it eventually.

Since I made my other books 0.99¢ no one has downloaded or purchased a single one! Haha!

Oh moneyed society, oh commerce, how you do bridge the gap between predictability and amusement, so, so well...

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