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Meet Steve. Stephano Mornay, to be precise. He's one-half the dynamic duo of the book I'm working on, called, appropriately, After Dan & Steve Saved the World. It's exactly what it sounds like. Dan and Steve save the world from a villainous villainy, live to tell about it (to their surprise), and have to go through the trials that follow. Steve, the slightly-younger and wittier half of Dan & Steve (who saved the world), is a character that I rely on to amuse and entertain me. He's also insightful. Here are some of Steve's best epigrams over the first quarter of the book.


Only with men whose ass hairs I've actually caressed.

-- when being asked if he always flirts so much

She was evil, and she knew it, and she was going to make everyone believe she was a gift to the universe.

-- on his former boss

Hey, Al, can you have the kitchens send up some soup—I don't care what it is—and a plate of cookies? I don't care what kind of cookies, but when you save the world, one of the first things you want to do is have a cookie.

It's a nice place, Benji. Decorate it yourself? It's pretty, but it has a monkish air to it that made me think of you.

Is there a computer around here? I mean, something more than a damn tablet. I want to type up some stuff, but not with my forefingers or thumbs. I took two years of computer classes, and I can type a hundred words a minute, and I'll be damned if I'm going to type with my forefingers and thumbs!

Sometime, you'll have to tell me exactly how many books you've read and how many thousands of years you were at university. People don't expect that from their superheroes, you know.

-- to Dan, an English teacher

You taste like tea. Minty tea. Now I want some tea.

No one wants a sick and grouchy Agent Cochrane around. Or are you one of those men who gets sick and turns into a macho, 'I can do anything you can do even if I puke while doing it' kind of guy? No, don't answer that. We'll all be surprised.

We're pretty healed, though, and some of us are just pretty.

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