Wednesday, 7 January 2015 17:30
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How did I not know this? How has it been almost a year two years, and I didn't know this? 

Granted, February of 2013 was not a time that I was exceptionally in touch with what else was going on with the world, outside of my family's woes. So, there's that excuse.

But still...

I will have to read her other series, the Dame Frevisse, and Joliffe mysteries... I've only read The Needlecraft Mysteries. Except the last one, the (now I think ironically-titled) And Then You Dye...

This sad post needs to end with a Quokka.

THH Failure.

Saturday, 3 January 2015 09:13
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It looks like The Hero and the Holly failed its Epub Check, which is some industry-standard test of epub awesomeness. The story's been released a week, and after 100+ downloads, "They" finally get around to telling me that it didn't pass the Check! 

I looked at the Kindle file. It was okay. Not super, but everything worked and it had that lovely Kindle-format flair (slight sarcasm: Kindle likes to add extra spaces at the beginning of chapters). I haven't looked at the epub file yet. Sorry if anyone downloaded it and found it unreadable (though I doubt this is the case).

Since a failed epub check keeps the book from being distributed in the "Premium Catalog" I'm not in a big hurry to fix it. You only get in the Premium Catalog if you sell thousands of books on Smashwords... That's what I remember reading, anyway. Considering that the book will remain free for an indefinite (infinite) period of time, I don't see Premium Catalog in its future.

But I will fix it... eventually. It's hard for me to forget that there's something wrong with it, and then just leave it... Maybe by tomorrow, I'll have some time. Today, however, is going to be a bit crowded!

Again, apologies to anyone who's found the epub file (and only the epub file) of The Hero and the Holly incomprehensible. I will fix it!

By the end of Sunday, it will probably be repaired. And by the end of Sunday, all of my books except The Hero and the Holly will cost 0.99 cents (USD). So get them today while they don't cost you a thing, besides some exertion in your mouse-click finger.

For now, I offer a link to this Dr. Who gif that explains, in a visual manner, everything going on with me, but for copyright reasons it cannot be put on my journal. Thank you, and please continue having a splendid day!

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Finding the phrase "could care less" in a Bantam-published novel, six pages into said novel, when clearly it was supposed to be "couldn't care less" is just ... just hurtful and disappointing. If it hadn't been a library book, it would've been thrown at the wall.

Who are these editors and readers? Seriously, WHO?

It's not quite as awful as one of the books I read recently, in which it was Big Foot and not Bigfoot, Area 59 instead of Area 51... among other things that made me writhe and roll my eyes. (There might've been reasons for using Area 59 instead of Area 51.)

But "could care less"? It made me rather angry, actually... and then I started to feel sorry for these people.

I did have high hopes for a rom-com that wasn't 1) set in NYC; 2) not told in first-person prose; 3) had an unglamorous woman in it with an unglamorous profession.

Too many books, too many writers... I suppose they're willing to give up quality for a sale. Thus... quantity > quality.

For the record... I couldn't care less. You probably couldn't, either.

edit: ... this is such a pretentious post... I'd given thought to deleting it, but... but no! I want to keep track of items of this variety.

Monday, 30 December 2013 11:00
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One of those days that I had grand expectations of: A Monday whose morning hours I could soak up with writing.

Not so much.

I'm cold, tired, and while I did some editing of the last chapter I wrote, I really just want to go back to bed.

This could be the random lake-effect snowfall we're having. It could be Monday blues.

Whatever it is, I'm going to do what I can to ignore it, and find something warm to eat. I still have to run to the store later. Or, if the snow keeps up, change the verb run to 'drive slowly.'

14:38 - It's still snowing. Not sticking to the roads much. Went to store. Holy crud, was it ever busy! Combination of full moon and post-holiday blues? I don't know, but I was sure glad to get out of there. Still tired. Bought a book. Amazed that I wanted to buy and actually read a book that is carried at the local supermarket, but there it is. Also, talked to a swell librarian who might've helped me figure out that Over Drive thing! Hooray!

busy bees

Wednesday, 25 December 2013 12:31
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Never fails.

You start writing a sex scene, and BAM, suddenly you're the busiest person ever: people telephone, send texts, call to you from the bottom of the stairs... and BEES infiltrate your room just to catch a glimpse of your written salacity!

BEES, I tell you! In December!


Monday, 16 December 2013 08:10
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So I've about had it with Word Press. I think once I get used to the cataclysmic despair that it enshrouds, perhaps I'll return to it.

For now, however, I just plan to keep all the *important* stuff there: it is my website, with links and information. But as far as blogging goes? Absolutely not!

On the plus side... beautiful snowfall this morning.

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