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I made a new cover for Zandry of Bonewood (and other stories). Also changed the license agreement to reflect the fact that the book now has an actual price. Previous license agreement was for a free ebook.

The reason for the new cover is that Dalliann created that awesome cover for that one story, Zandry of Bonewood. We didn't intend to use it for a book with other short stories included.

It was a long overdue change! The new cover still reflects the tree/weirdness/bone thing from Zandry of Bonewood.

You can see it here.

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I think Cover 2 is definitely out of the running. It just isn't very warm.

So it's Cover 1, or Cover 3.

Cover 3

They don't look like much... The jpg files were purposefully created as low-quality images. The actual covers will be sharper and tidier in appearance.

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Here's another cover design for the upcoming novella, The Hero and the Holly. I can tell you that Covers 1 & 3 are literal representations of what's in the story, whereas Cover 2 is a symbolic representation of what the story contains.

If you'd like to throw in your two cents, feel free. You can post comments on my entries even if you don't have a dreamwidth account. (Or create one. It's free.) I'm not close to deciding which one will be used. And again, it could be none of these.

Cover 3

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I finished a new novella yesterday. It's called The Hero and the Holly. After I make some inquiries and do some other thinky-thought things, I'll write more about it, including its release date. For now, ogle and bitch about the covers. I haven't made up my mind which one of these I will use. It's also possible neither of these is used.

Cover 1

Cover 2


Sunday, 19 October 2014 22:47
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Today... in the woods.

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Potential cover art for new ebook release. Cover art background by Dalliann. Text by me.

Looks like Zandry of Bonewood & Other Stories will be about 33,000 words long. It contains four "short" fantasy stories:

Last Time in Summervale
Zandry of Bonewood
The Ribboned Arrow
Colin, Who is Not Quite Dead

Finished formatting the document tonight. Just have to read through the stories for typos and errors!

More soon!
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When dancers join a troupe, straight out of school, they are full of hopes and aspirations, not all of which will be realized. Then comes the long, laborious battle for advancement, complete with disappointments, injuries, and small, hard-won victories. It’s not a life for the weak-willed.

This applies to every kind of art for every kind of artist, if it's your passion.



Along those lines, I offer this dialogue from Dance Academy (season 2, ep. 6)...

"Ballet is more pain and violence and sacrifice than you'll ever know, kid."

"Then why do you do it?"

"Because if I didn't, I wouldn't be me."

Ohio Entertains

Friday, 20 June 2014 13:22
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While in the process of editing, I was finally coerced into reading a very impressive list of Entertainers from Ohio.

Seriously impressive.
And this is equally impressive.

I can't sit around all day watching kitten and puppy videos...


Also, new novella out.

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The Information Man Cover

Possible cover for The Information Man.
The black border is just to highlight it against the white background of this entry box.

word association

Wednesday, 19 March 2014 09:50
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In browsing an ebook about writing modern poetry, one of the exercises struck me as humorous: word association! In which the author has listed words and we respond with what word we think should come next. Do you want to play?

Love is on here twice, as is music. I'm not sure why, other than the fact that this book is poorly edited. This would be a fun game to play with someone you're getting to know, or even with old friends, as it demonstrates aspects of his thought process that you mightn't anticipate! I think I'll mention this to my therapist -- it might be an interesting way to spend a session hour!

Here are my responses!

ice cream
love red
memory games
pain (ful) memories
divorce restoration
poverty oops
scared cold
debt square
homeless future
mortgage what?
smell pretty
ill wind
pet kitty!
music bliss
heart crime
rubbish scat
journey heart
mind keeper
sweet tea
wife apron
love holder
letter opener
sound room
writing life
poetry mass
money makers
silence screaming
credit limit
music journey
drugs corporations
children loud
words worlds
time passing
songs sung
gold rings
flowers gardens
wind racing
sea speaking
sand pit
moon "la mia madre la dea selene"

A lot of my phrases don't make sense... my associations are too far apart for that. Whoever heard of a poetry mass? Although I might go to church if they started having poetry masses! And, of course, I am fluent in Sea Speak! Some of my responses are pretty standard. For instance, "ice cream." Maybe I'm hungry.

I'm not getting much out of this book, however. And I don't necessarily agree with the definition of "bad poetry" the author uses. A bad poem is one that is "vague and blurred." Oh, really? I read a lot of poetry that's just like reading an inner monologue, and I find that bad (and boring)! Also, he avers that bad poetry is "thrown at us by every corner of the world because people do not pay attention to what they're writing." No one pays more attention to what they're writing than writers, be they poets or not.

The book, How to Write Modern Poetry, isn't widely available anymore, but if you want to take a peek at it, Google Books has it here.

And have a stanza from one of my "bad poems," summing up my feelings for vociferous writing pundits.

If it's a wholesome metaphor
your hands and morals prowl for,
I've been silenced by stockings,
porn, the kinks and kicks of my kind—
the gags of political sex:
I'm not your apologetic orator.
I think this tension I've created calls for a relaxing quokka picture!
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Best gift box EVER! I love my friend. Thanks for thinking of me, and cheering up my late-winter blues! Bonus: My Little Pony stickers on the outside of the box!

The wrapping was so pretty, I hated opening everything! (But didn't hate it that much!) I took photos to capture how gorgeous everything was. Dalliann always goes the extra mile in her creative craftsmanship, that's for sure. I'm so fortunate to be on the receiving end of her graceful artistry!
Extra bonus: A VHS (yes, VHS) copy of THE MUMMY! Kickin' it old-school, Egyptian style!

*right-click on images to see them bigger; select "View Image."

Tuesday, 23 July 2013 18:28
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Oh, what a month...

Thank goodness (and the 1980's) that there are talented people making fan art of My Little Pony.

Like this. MLP + Labyrinth = ♥

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