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No, I didn't forget Imbolc! Just had a busy day...

Happy Imbolc! Here's something crafty I did for my private celebration: luminarias! I bought some simple white sacks at the craft store. I sketched Brigid symbols on both sides, and put safe LED candles in them! So lovely and classy! A good way to celebrate the lady of high-flying flames and hearths.

Symbols, front to back: Brigid's cross, flames, healing heart, cup (emotional symbol), sun, and moon. I should've made the moon full, since it's full tomorrow.

If you make luminarias at home (also good for Yule/Solstice, and probably for Lughnasadh), you can use tea-sized LED lights (the cheaper ones for the neo-pagan on a budget), as long as they have new batteries in them. This was a relatively inexpensive project, with stunning results. And making the sketches was really fun!

I mention luminarias in my novella, The Hero and the Holly.

To close, there's this, because it is awesome.
Thig an nathair as an toll
Là donn Brìde,
Ged robh trì troighean dhen t-sneachd
Air leac an làir.

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While we in the North spend a lot of time in our houses during the long, long winter, sometimes, to save energy, it's not exactly a hot and cozy house. It's tolerably warm. One of the things I like to wear around the house are "wristers" -- half-gloves without fingers. I made a new pair, and decided to post a photo of the finished product.

(click to enlarge)

The yarn turned out to be a lot thicker than I thought... It's just a double-crochet rectangle, rows equally the height of your wrist and hand. Put in a little thumb-hole where it's comfortable for you... by chaining four and skipping three (then skipping one in the next row so the stitches are even)... I put a row of loops at the top of each... by chaining four and skipping three... then stitch along the side and tie it off! I crocheted it flat by working in the front loop rather than the back (away from me) loop. This is easier when you're wearing your wristers to type!

With the rest of the yarn, I made a small circle-scarf... It fits around the neck for a nice warmth. It also fits over my sizable Scottish head to keep my ears warm. That was done just with a row of double crochet, and a row of skipped double-crochet (dc1, ch 1, skip 1).

I've also been working on a new afghan with an easy shell stitch. Pictures of that some other time.

Merry Solstice to all! Winter might be here, but the days are getting longer!

Photo taken the other day at the park...

(click to enlarge)

Should mention that all of my books are still free.

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