Wednesday, 21 January 2015 22:08
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I didn't sleep well last night.

No, really, there's a story behind this. Well, I'm a writer: Isn't everything a story? 

As some might know, the Australian Open is airing now... Last night, I left the TV on, and eventually wandered into Snoozeville around 11 PM. A little while later, the blaring Emergency Broadcast System alarm wakes me up! At 2:43 AM! I don't know what it came on for... I couldn't read it because the screen was really bright, and even my best Cyclopes imitation didn't help. -.O I hope whatever it was, it wasn't anything too terrible.

And I was up for another couple of hours after that.

Then I woke up late. With the kind of headache that tells me "Hey, you didn't sleep well!" 
You know the kind of headache I mean...

I didn't think I'd get any writing done at all. Since I was at the climax of The Pickled Pirate, I wanted to give writing a try.

About four hours and seven thousand words later... I finished it. The whole story. It didn't take as much work to complete it as I thought it would... So, The Pickled Pirate (or, the story with the new super-secret title) is finished! Parts of it will need to be rewritten. It will need intense editing. But it's finished. Right now, it's about 71,000 words long.

Earlier today, prior to the afternoon writing binge, I wrote out vague plots for four more stories. One is a sequel to a short (80K or so) novel I finished a couple of years ago. The other three are plot outlines for more mysteries featuring the characters in the story I just finished!

I'll probably take a break for a couple of days... The next thing I want to do is finish After Dan & Steve Saved the World.

There's definitely something I'm forgetting to say.

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I finished a new novella yesterday. It's called The Hero and the Holly. After I make some inquiries and do some other thinky-thought things, I'll write more about it, including its release date. For now, ogle and bitch about the covers. I haven't made up my mind which one of these I will use. It's also possible neither of these is used.

Cover 1

Cover 2

Friday, 21 June 2013 11:09
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I had fun going through the first edit of my most-recently finished book... The original story was written many years ago, and I decided to expand it into a more novel-shaped novel. It went from 28,000 words to about 88,000. (The shortest book I've ever done—so far.) I'll need to go through it again, of course. Editing is almost never complete, it seems... Editing is well more than half the work of writing something that you feel is worthwhile, that you feel proud of—even later.

One of the ways I edit stories is to put them on my Kindle. I've always been able to catch more typos and errors reading the document in another manner, either through the web browser or printed out (not recommended—waste of paper and toner). It's been a joy to have a Kindle. It enables me to do this, though it is time-consuming to highlight every mistake or make a note... and a little discouraging, too, if I have two or three errors on one page. I've just put another finished manuscript on the Kindle, whose opening chapter I've rewritten twice... I'll start the editing process on there soon...

I'd really like to start writing another book, before my life gets thrown into a new havoc. (Things have a tendency to converge on you all at once.) But I don't know what idea I'd like to dive into next.... It's not commonly up to me. I'm usually picked by the story to be its author, not the other way around.

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