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Friday, 2 January 2015 15:18
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 I've spent the last couple of days working hard on The Pickled Pirate. It's coming along nicely. How relieving it is to a person's conscience when she knows she can achieve what she wants with a bit of hard work. It is so easy to fall into the dreamless patterns of laziness and indolence. Not this time, though. 

The Pickled Pirate takes place in Toronto, circa 1930. I've found a couple of lovely old Toronto maps on the Internwebs, which I have cherished and have used as a desktop wallpaper to keep me inspired (as if this is tricky to do). As I mentioned in a previous entry, The Pickled Pirate is closely associated with The Information Man, another novella of mine released last summer. Oswald and Rex Malin, the Malin brothers, are in The Pickled Pirate, though chiefly that role is reserved for Oswald. His superpower-infused brother makes a cameo later on. 

Spending all this time in the Toronto of my head, it is quite lovely that I am attending the Toronto Maple Leafs and Minnesota Wild Game this evening! By 1930, the Leafs were already an established team in the NHL (formerly of the OPHL, 1906-1909). They wouldn't move into old Maple Leaf Gardens until the following year, November of 1931. 

[Sidebar] I've never heard anyone talk about Maple Leaf Gardens without first adding "old" in front of it, like it's an article, a title, a prefix... like those granted to tribal leaders of ancient days. [/Sidebar]

But, er... I won't be rooting for the Leafs tonight. Unless the game is hopelessly one-sided, in favor of the Wild, then I will root for them, as I would root for competition and fair play no matter what. 

The Pickled Pirate, if it continues to go well and the Muses keep feasting, will be completed sooner than I thought, though it appears as though it is going to be much longer than first supposed. It's already 18,100 words.

Puck this List.

Saturday, 8 February 2014 09:26
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Well, here we are, Saturday, 8 February. Also known as the day before that the NHL season goes into hiatus so everyone can go play for his team. Or, in Jack Johnson's case, wish that he was going to play for his team during the Olympics.

No, I will not be watching the Olympics, for various reasons.

With the lack of hockey to fill my evenings, and sometimes my days, I'll have to find alternative means of entertainment. This will mean that I have to catch up on my DVR films, and movies I have lying around that I haven't watched either EVER (yes, I know), or not in a very long time.

This is my To-View List! \o/

1. Stage Beauty

2. The Big Show

3. Relative Strangers

4. Maytime

5. Lady for a Day

6. Our Modern Maidens 2/9 - review forthcoming

7. The Black Swan

8. A Damsel in Distress

9. Nanook of the North

10. History is Made at Night

11. Coffeetown

12. Mozart's Sister

13. Impromptu

14. Giselle

15. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

If I make it through half of these, I'll be happy! 
It's more likely that the cottage will be cleaner, that I'll read a few more books than I'd guessed ... and maybe go bonkers a little quicker than I thought! The weather's continued awfulness isn't helping.

If I happen to watch any of these movies, I'll strike it from the list.

Less than eight weeks till April!! And the landscape around here will start to look like this!

Sunday, 9 June 2013 19:48
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When the NWSL posts start times for matches, it's the time zone of the city where the match is being played.

id est... Seattle Reign FC vs Kansas City FC... 7:00 PM in Seattle.

Eastern time does not rule the continent.

Right, got it. Check.

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