THH Failure.

Saturday, 3 January 2015 09:13
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It looks like The Hero and the Holly failed its Epub Check, which is some industry-standard test of epub awesomeness. The story's been released a week, and after 100+ downloads, "They" finally get around to telling me that it didn't pass the Check! 

I looked at the Kindle file. It was okay. Not super, but everything worked and it had that lovely Kindle-format flair (slight sarcasm: Kindle likes to add extra spaces at the beginning of chapters). I haven't looked at the epub file yet. Sorry if anyone downloaded it and found it unreadable (though I doubt this is the case).

Since a failed epub check keeps the book from being distributed in the "Premium Catalog" I'm not in a big hurry to fix it. You only get in the Premium Catalog if you sell thousands of books on Smashwords... That's what I remember reading, anyway. Considering that the book will remain free for an indefinite (infinite) period of time, I don't see Premium Catalog in its future.

But I will fix it... eventually. It's hard for me to forget that there's something wrong with it, and then just leave it... Maybe by tomorrow, I'll have some time. Today, however, is going to be a bit crowded!

Again, apologies to anyone who's found the epub file (and only the epub file) of The Hero and the Holly incomprehensible. I will fix it!

By the end of Sunday, it will probably be repaired. And by the end of Sunday, all of my books except The Hero and the Holly will cost 0.99 cents (USD). So get them today while they don't cost you a thing, besides some exertion in your mouse-click finger.

For now, I offer a link to this Dr. Who gif that explains, in a visual manner, everything going on with me, but for copyright reasons it cannot be put on my journal. Thank you, and please continue having a splendid day!


Thursday, 23 October 2014 12:15
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Leaves fall... frost settles in during the dark mornings... nature is calming down... everything is rather tranquil, and, as always, everything is beautiful.

I still have no regular employment. And I can't make anyone give me a job, no more than I can make anyone pay for something I wrote. Unfortunately...

I've made all my books free at Smashwords. As in, you can get them for zero cents, zero dollars — money is not required to purchase them!

It'd be nice if my writing was worth more than free, but I'd rather have people download the stories and actually read them rather than get paid for a full-download. At present, having just moved into a place after a good fortnight of literal homelessness, I'm hardly in the mindset to market myself, and making my stories free is the only way I can really sell my art right now.

If you like what you read of mine, tell your friends... tell through social media, leave scrap pieces of paper with my name on them in random places (public restrooms, parks, subways, buses, your favorite indie bookseller's). Word of mouth is still the fastest and best way to let others know about good writing for our LGBT community.

Thanks, and have a nice day!

Free books!
BTW: If the prices aren't listed as FREE! yet, Smashwords is still working on it. Check again later! Don't give up!
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Zandry of Bonewood and Other Stories
Five short fantasy romances
ยข0.99 at Smashwords.
25% Free Sample

edited 9/13/14 to most up-to-date book info
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Earlier today, Sad Keanu saw his shadow, and he became very frightened. He has since taken refuge beneath the bed, too forlorn and concerned to finish his sandwich.

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My Yearly Horoscope, something that I tend to read for fun, actually made me teary.

Please, stars and universe, NO MORE RANDOM TRIALS OF MY SOUL. 2013 was really about all I could take, okay?

Bring me some fun! I wanna shake, rattle & roll. And rattle those pots and pans!


Monday, 16 December 2013 08:10
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So I've about had it with Word Press. I think once I get used to the cataclysmic despair that it enshrouds, perhaps I'll return to it.

For now, however, I just plan to keep all the *important* stuff there: it is my website, with links and information. But as far as blogging goes? Absolutely not!

On the plus side... beautiful snowfall this morning.

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