Wednesday, 1 July 2015 11:39
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This is true.
Consider my mind blown.
A real scorcher, innit?


Sunday, 19 October 2014 22:47
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Today... in the woods.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 09:21
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I have to put this somewhere that I'll remember it, come across it in the future and lol like a cranky old woman who gets her kicks from the unfortunate silliness of others...


NWS Report of Tornado in Lynchburg, OH - 4 June 2014 [link]

I really hope there was a reason that this poor soul was unable to get inside when he saw a tornado coming at him.

It's also a sad fact, but many counties in Ohio don't have adequate public tornado warning systems. My former county was one of them.

Puck this List.

Saturday, 8 February 2014 09:26
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Well, here we are, Saturday, 8 February. Also known as the day before that the NHL season goes into hiatus so everyone can go play for his team. Or, in Jack Johnson's case, wish that he was going to play for his team during the Olympics.

No, I will not be watching the Olympics, for various reasons.

With the lack of hockey to fill my evenings, and sometimes my days, I'll have to find alternative means of entertainment. This will mean that I have to catch up on my DVR films, and movies I have lying around that I haven't watched either EVER (yes, I know), or not in a very long time.

This is my To-View List! \o/

1. Stage Beauty

2. The Big Show

3. Relative Strangers

4. Maytime

5. Lady for a Day

6. Our Modern Maidens 2/9 - review forthcoming

7. The Black Swan

8. A Damsel in Distress

9. Nanook of the North

10. History is Made at Night

11. Coffeetown

12. Mozart's Sister

13. Impromptu

14. Giselle

15. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

If I make it through half of these, I'll be happy! 
It's more likely that the cottage will be cleaner, that I'll read a few more books than I'd guessed ... and maybe go bonkers a little quicker than I thought! The weather's continued awfulness isn't helping.

If I happen to watch any of these movies, I'll strike it from the list.

Less than eight weeks till April!! And the landscape around here will start to look like this!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014 19:38
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Really hurt myself today. Pulled a muscle around my sternum. Painful. Not fun.

Seems to be okay if I'm typing, though, so I don't think the [accidentally self-inflicted] injury will prevent me from reaching any writing goals this week.

I spent part of this evening looking up moon phases on the almanac site. I don't remember coming across any blue moons this year. Did I miss something?

But I did notice a strong New Moon presence in March. Look for lots of energy, strange dreams and an inability to sleep as well as you're used to.

Two planets, Mars and Saturn, go retrograde on the first and second of the month. This occurs at the time of the New Moon (also on the first), so expect to be frustrated about not being able to sleep, and an inability to use that extra energy wisely.

If anyone else is thinking of this right now... You are not alone.

Monday, 30 December 2013 11:00
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One of those days that I had grand expectations of: A Monday whose morning hours I could soak up with writing.

Not so much.

I'm cold, tired, and while I did some editing of the last chapter I wrote, I really just want to go back to bed.

This could be the random lake-effect snowfall we're having. It could be Monday blues.

Whatever it is, I'm going to do what I can to ignore it, and find something warm to eat. I still have to run to the store later. Or, if the snow keeps up, change the verb run to 'drive slowly.'

14:38 - It's still snowing. Not sticking to the roads much. Went to store. Holy crud, was it ever busy! Combination of full moon and post-holiday blues? I don't know, but I was sure glad to get out of there. Still tired. Bought a book. Amazed that I wanted to buy and actually read a book that is carried at the local supermarket, but there it is. Also, talked to a swell librarian who might've helped me figure out that Over Drive thing! Hooray!

Monday, 29 July 2013 15:01
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Plenty accomplished today!

Now for some down time before the mayhem of the dinner hour begins...

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